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Genius School

Genius School offers child centered, personalised learning pathways igniting the genius in children, creating self aware lifelong learners who are our empowered future leaders.

Founded by Roger James Hamilton, social entrepreneur and futurist and Angie Stead, edupreneur leading location independent educational solutions.

Genius School has a global team of Edupreneurs delivering programs both virtually and face-to-face, to their local schools and communities. Including, micro-camps, microcourses, programs for schools, retreat camps and mirco-schools for young people.

Flipping the traditional education experience that is often disengaging, irrelevant and redundant in a one size fits all model. To a model that is personalised and individualised, bringing out the unique genius in every child.

Who is this for?

Tweens, Teens and Young Adults

If you're a young person looking to follow your passions and find your purpose

Teachers, Educators and Edupreneurs

If you are a teacher, educator or entrepreneur working in the education sector

Parents, Grandparents, Family Members

If you’re influential in the life and education of children/young people

Programs for Adults

Educator Certification Training

Genius Schools' vision is to educate children through the love of philanthropy and philosophy and teach them what it means to be human. To understand that their Genius lies in their individuality and we nurture this through personalised education.

Our ten day online or face-to-face certification programme shows each educator how to personalise education experiences and monetise their impact on future generations of changemakers.

Once certified, Educators can earn up to $5K per month, a minimum $297 per hour for profiling and debriefing, and be provided with opportunities to be paid to facilitate Genius School micro-camps.

A Global Community Of Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

7 Countries with Genius Certified Educators

Educators connect monthly online with Genius School faculty and leaders.

Camps & Courses for Children

Genius Camps

A fun packed, 2 day transformational event during which your child will identify and explore their strengths, passions and purpose.

They will see how different learning profiles align with different learning strategies and gain clarity on how they think, learn and relate plus they will learn about social enterprise and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Most importantly, your child will learn about themselves - and why they are a uniquely perfectly imperfect Genius!


As a parent, you will attend a short session to learn how to ignite the Genius in your child, bringing out the best in them and reaching a deeper level of understanding and connection.

Young people who have experienced our camps have shown increased confidence, motivation and engagement in learning and improved learning outcomes. They also learn they can make a valuable contribution to society.

Young Entrepreneur Academy

The Genius School’s Young Entrepreneur Academy is a 2 week microschool empowering young people to launch their own digital business as entrepreneurs.

60 young leaders will spend one to two hours a day learning how to launch their own business. From being a podcaster to building an app or having an online store, the academy is made up of two camps: For juniors (10-13 years old) and teens (14-18 years old).

The course is delivered over two weeks with three live mentor sessions, and two live implementations sessions and days each week. Each student has their own personal facilitator to guide them towards their final plan and awards will be given out at the graduation for the winning plans.


Optional Weekly parent sessions for you understanding what it means to be an entrepreneur, and understanding how to support a young entrepreneur in starting their digital business.

Teen Quest

Suitable for 10 - 24 years old

The Teen Quest is a 2-week microschool with live mentor sessions and masterclasses to help students develop higher-order, design thinking and future-ready skills to sustain their lifelong learning journey.

30 teens will spend one to two hours a day engaged in an inquiry and information discovery quest learning how to learn, lead and communicate persuasively and convincingly in preparation for a radically different world.

The program is delivered over two weeks with three self-paced modules and two live masterclasses, Monday to Friday, each week. Each student will have their own personal educator to guide them through a deeper learning experience to develop the 6 C’s of 21st Century Skills.

Genius School Sponsorship

Sponsor a young person through Genius School’s
Micro-Camp or Teen Quest programs

This sponsorship pack is designed for individuals or businesses who want to make an impact in the life of a young person, to grow their entrepreneurial spirit so they may create their own jobs or businesses, creating future leaders who make positive contributions to society.

Choose one of our sponsor packs to ignite the Genius and Entrepreneurial spirit in young people so they may create a compelling future for themselves and make a positive contribution to society.


What Parents and Graduates
of our programs are saying

Benjamin (14 yrs) & Vanessa (16 yrs)

Tyla (12 yrs)

"Before the Young Entrepreneur Academy, Josh wasn’t looking at a business yet he had lots of ideas and he thought he would be able to support his friends as a Trader (profile) as part of their businesses and get some skills. What he was going to do was work for someone else to see how it’s done, manage that company, and expand it. However, that is still a job. While Josh was going through YEA, he realised that he could make his hobby his business. He now has a 5 year business plan, with quarterly targets and part of the plan is to gain skills, which YEA contributes to. It won’t be his only time with YEA, he will be back on the program again."
- Heidi Conway, Mother of Josh, 13-year-old

"The Genius Educator Certification program helped me prepare to work with kids in microcamps, YEA and my own coaching programs. The instructors were very experienced in Education and offered concepts and teaching tools to support different student TDYP profiles. I especially loved meeting and staying connected with all the educators and planning events together”
- Sylvia Tam | United States