Genius School’s Young Entrepreneur Academy

Young Entrepreneur Academy Awards

2nd November to 27th November

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From 2nd November to 27th November, the Genius School will run a one-of-a kind camp, The Young Entrepreneur Academy, valued at USD3,997

We will be giving away a Free Scholarship and 15 Runner Up Prizes on 15th October.

Prepare your Kids for a Radically Uncertain, Digital Future

Being a parent is not easy — especially in the 21st century. There are distractions everywhere, a global competing workforce, and an educational system that doesn’t cater to the future. The current industrial-based framework is broken, preparing kids for jobs that don’t exist anymore. In the meantime, more adults are feeling despair than ever before, with high level unemployment.

To tackle this challenge, the Young Entrepreneur Academy (YEA) will deliver a personalised learning path for kids from 10 to 18 years old. For 4 weeks, they’ll get inspired by success stories, learn the latest entrepreneurial techniques, and receive advanced digital resources. This way, they’ll develop the necessary skills to grow as entrepreneurs, artists, changemakers, or leaders.

Even before the pandemic, many children were struggling with paying attention at school, as they did not feel inspired to learn. Working on a project they're passionate about, with a chance to win funds and prizes to support their brand new business, is a fun way that helps keep them motivated.

In fact, the same techniques that allow adults to ‘create a job’, instead of ‘getting a job’, are the same ones children can develop to imagine interesting projects, which they can bring to reality. A child’s future is not dependent on test scores, but on having the confidence to try new things. Instead of focusing on SATs, our system celebrates the real genius that lies in their uniqueness.

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1st Place

to the Young Entrepreneur Academy,
valued at USD4,967.

Applications are closed

By winning a Scholarship to the Young Entrepreneur Academy you will receive

Four Weeks of Guidance
Our Genius School Certified educators and social entrepreneurs will guide the students to visualise, design and launch a digital business. Mentor sessions delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with 2 daily streams available for a worldwide audience.


Step-by-Step Guide | Build a Business
The young entrepreneurs will get the resources they need to plan their project, create a promotion, set up goals and milestones, and design a future vision for the rest of the year.


Experienced Facilitators
Students get to work with an experienced facilitator, guiding them to tackle challenges and achieve their goals. The expert faculty will also help them set up a working business model.


Talent Dynamics for Young
People deep dive into their own profile and young entrepreneurial flow. The Talent Dynamics for Young People test helps them understand how to lead, learn, communicate and create flow more efficiently. By understanding their own strengths, talents and unique learning styles, children and teenagers can develop the essential skills needed to easily, confidently develop new projects.


Sponsor Prizes and Investments
Along with the accelerated learning your child will experience, they also have the opportunity to win prizes for their business ideas. Each stream (Junior & Senior) will run its own competition, with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize available for the winning individuals.


Post Program Mentoring
After graduation, we will host 4 one-hour sessions with our expert team. They will be delivered weekly, throughout December, to help the kids and teenagers with their projects and businesses.



Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind, monthly calls and Q&As with Roger Hamilton (Valued at $970)

You'll be a part of an online Mastermind group that has over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs from over 80 countries. This is a powerful group of entrepreneurs from around the world who are BOTH building personal wealth and connecting to causes that contribute to the world.


Applications are closed

15 Runners Up

WIN A USD3,000 Voucher
for the Young Entrepreneur Academy which allows your child to attend the Young Entrepreneur Academy at just $997 plus the bonus prize above.

Applications are closed

There are two streams of the Young Entrepreneur Academy, for different age groups of young entrepreneurs:


4 week virtual camp
Learn how to be an entrepreneur. A global camp for 10 -13 years old.


4 week virtual camp
Learn how to be an entrepreneur. A global camp for 14-18 years old.

1. Personal Profile
You will learn your Talent Dynamics Profile, your natural genius as well as your communication and leadership style.


2. Entrepreneur Skills.
Entrepreneurs don’t get jobs, they create jobs. Understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur and what all top entrepreneurs do to set themselves up for success.


3. Global Community.
Connect with a global peer group and have fun with our interactive and engaging activities and experiences.


4. Future-Ready Skills.
Learn how to develop essential skills and ensure you are prepared to create the future you desire.


5. Opportunity to get funds for your startup idea.
As a young entrepreneur, you and your group will be asked to come up with a plan to solve a global problem. You will present this plan at the graduation ceremony where you stand a chance to win start up funds and other prizes.


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The Genius School faculty consists of over 1,500 mentors and certified trainers delivering online and in-person education as part of a multi-year curriculum to build entrepreneurial expertise.


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Genius School offers child-centred, personalised learning pathways igniting the genius in children, creating self-aware lifelong learners who are empowered, future leaders.

Founded by Roger James Hamilton, social entrepreneur and futurist, and Angie Stead, an edupreneur leading location independent educational solutions.

Genius School has a global team of edupreneurs delivering programs in their schools and communities. Including micro-camps, microcourses, program for schools, retreat camps and microschools for young people.

The traditional education experience is often disengaging, irrelevant and redundant in a one size fits all model. Genius School is a model that is personalised and individualised, bringing out the unique genius in every child.


Our Partners

Genius School is proud to partner with some of the top educational companies in the world. Here are some of our partners

Applications are closed

Thank you for applying to the Young Entrepreneur Academy Awards. Please book a call with one of the Genius Igniters to complete your application.


+ What time are the YEA sessions?

  • 6pm AEST / 4pm SGT

  • 7pm UK

  • 5pm PT USA

+ How is the program delivered? How many students are there in a session?

This course is delivered over four weeks with live mentor sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, two live implementation sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. Each implementation session will have a maximum of 20 students.

+ How much time does it take to attend the program?

The time investment between the mentoring and coursework is between 1 to 2 hours each day for the Microschool.

+ How much of the course will the parent be involved?

The parent will be on the course 50% of the time with their child

+ Is there a community space for the program?

A private circle will be set up in GeniusU for each stream where the participants can interact with fellow students, facilitators and mentors.

+ Do parents have any involvement in the Junior and Senior Streams?

Yes the parent will be included on the first day of the program and the last day for the graduation.

+ What will my child learn on the program?


  • Identify their future vision for the next year - setting them up for success & creating a compelling future.

  • Plan a profitable project which includes budgeting & knowing the financials.

  • Plan a promotion strategy for their business - setting goals and identifying the ideal customer.

  • Ensure their product is meeting the needs of the ideal customer.

  • Identify the best team to make their business a success & being the leader of their team.

  • Identify different business models and levels of business & the global impact they choose to follow.

  • Build trust and value through a Customer Pathway.

  • Launch their business/project after the 4 week program, to start earning.

  • Learn to maintain a predictable and productive rhythm of growth and development.

+ What happens after YEA? Is there any support?

Yes. There will be 4 group mentoring sessions with our entrepreneur mentors to guide them while launching their business / project plan. These are weekly sessions. GEM which is included has 11 monthly webinars featuring top entrepreneurs from our community on various business topics.

+ Will there be any preparation / courses that my child can do before the the program starts?

Yes. Your child will have to complete the free Genius, Passion & Purpose microdegrees on GeniusU, as well as the Talent Dynamics for Young People profile test.

+ Are there any one-to-one sessions?

All activities are conducted in a group setting.