Maintaining Mental Health and Wellbeing through Personalised Education

Discover the unique strengths and capabilities in every child to grow their self-awareness and confidence
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Mental health and well-being are fundamental components of a child’s healthy development and future.

“Globally, it is estimated that 1 in 7 (14%) 10-19 year-olds experience mental health conditions, yet these remain largely unrecognized and untreated.” (WHO, 2021). Of great concern, is this statistic is on the rise due to current global issues and crises.

Today, depression and anxiety are among the leading causes of illness in this age range. Young people exhibiting mental health conditions are vulnerable to social isolation, discrimination, not seeking help, educational difficulties, risk-taking behaviours, and physical ill-health.

We all handle stress, anxiety and overwhelm differently which can make it challenging to truly identify when a young person is on the verge of experiencing negative mental health conditions.

By understanding the strengths and capabilities of the young person; their natural genius and talents, it is possible to identify the unique needs of the individual. We can understand the observed behaviour to support them in a way that strengthens their natural genius.

If you are wanting to better understand how to relate to your child when they begin to face challenges and exhibit behaviours you don’t fully understand, then this masterclass is for you as we focus on building confident, resilient young people and developing interpersonal relationships that support their emotional wellbeing.

Join Genius School Founder Angie Stead, as she goes through her best recommendations so you can be ready to Educate for the Future!

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What we will cover
during the interactive masterclass

During the 90 minutes you will explore
the following:
  1. Why adolescent mental health needs to be addressed and the impact on learning and life success.

  2. What parents and educators can do to identify and understand the different personality types and how they react to stress and the behaviours that may be exhibited.

  3. Where to find assessments and tools that can help young people discover their unique strengths and natural capabilities.

  4. How to understand and interpret the young person’s uniqueness and how to respond in a positive and helpful way.

  5. Strategies to help young people grow their self-awareness and be able to express their emotions, feelings and thoughts.



Thursday, 28th July



The masterclass will take place online, which
means you can watch from the
comfort of your home.

Who should join the Masterclass

This masterclass is for you if you want to:

  1. Help your child(ren) develop a positive mindset and behaviours to help them thrive in the modern world.

  2. Help your child to develop their confidence, self-awareness and ability to engage in experiences to build their resilience and emotional wellbeing.

  3. Develop your skills to continue to support young people in different environments and to personalise the learning experiences.


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About your speakers

Angie Stead

Angie is the founder of Education Angels, co-founder of Genius School and creator of the Genius Educator Certification. She owns and operates multiple Early Childcare and Education centres in New Zealand and is the curriculum leader of
Genius School.

Angie believes that promoting personalized learning experiences in a nurturing learning environment is the key to igniting the genius in young people and decentralizing and diversifying education creates learning and earning opportunities for all, which is why we are growing our global community of educators to nurture the genius in our fast growing community of students – this is the Genius Generation.

Karen Bonanno

Karen is an Australian based educator and national provider of professional learning for teachers. She also owns an education consulting business focused on helping tweens, teens and young adults find their true potential.

Karen specialises in inquiry learning, design thinking and digital literacy with a strong future-focused approach to meeting the learning needs of each generation. As a Global Genius Educator with Genius School, she is involved in leading and delivering the Genius School Curriculum.


Genius School offers child-centred, personalised learning pathways, igniting the genius in children, creating self-aware lifelong learners who are empowered,
future leaders.

Founded by Roger James Hamilton, social entrepreneur and futurist, and Angie Stead, an edupreneur leading location independent educational solutions.

Genius School has a global team of edupreneurs delivering programs in schools and communities, including micro camps, micro-courses, programs for schools, retreat camps, microschools for young people.

The traditional education experience is often disengaging, irrelevant and redundant with a one size fits all model. Genius School is a model that is personalised and individualised, bringing out the unique genius in every child.


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