Genius Educator Certification Training
14th - 25th March 2022

Genius Educator Certification Training

Apply for the virtual Genius Educator Certification program and be a part of the Education Revolution!

Children today need an education that prepares them for the future. Join our 2022 program so you can help them tackle modern day challenges and prepare them with essential skills for their future success.

14th - 25th March 2022

Based on previous launches of this program, we know there will be a high demand and spots will fill fast.

Join the Genius School’s Genius
Educator Certification program

The Genius Educator Certification program is a 2-week virtual training to empower educators to ignite the genius in young people and to facilitate learning programs whilst developing their entrepreneurial spirit.

The program runs from 14th - 25th March 2022.

Educators will spend three hours on three days of each week learning about Genius School philosophy, its personalised learning approach to education, how to facilitate student-centred learning experiences in face-to-face and virtual environments, and frameworks of learning. In addition, there will be one hour on two days of each week for live, interactive question and answer sessions with Genius Educator leaders.

You will discover how you can be involved in facilitating Genius School programs upon successful completion of the Genius Educator Certification training in a ‘learning and earning’ capacity.

The program includes a focus on how to turn your learning into a business with a profitable promotion plan or how you can integrate this new learning into your existing programs or products.

5 Reasons to Join the Genius Educator Certification

Develop an understanding of how young people learn in a diverse, multimodal way.


Use the Genius School suite of assessments and tools to help young people discover, learn and live in their Genius.


Learn how to facilitate one on one and group learning experiences to help young people reach their full potential.


Discover ways to structure learning experiences to build on the natural genius and strengths of individual learners to increase engagement and participation in learning.


Build your own unique content to be shared with educators and young people globally on the GeniusU platform.


Spaces are limited. Apply today.

Genius Educator Certification


By completing this certification, you will be fully accredited to:

Run debrief sessions for teens and families

Lead and facilitate micro camps and courses

Facilitate Genius School programs

Genius Educators can access a suite of Genius School products and programs. They will have opportunities to train and lead higher level events.


Monetise your impact:

Earn revenue personalising education experiences

Earn up to $4,500 per camp and a minimum of $100 per hour delivering micro courses.

Leave with a promotion plan that enables you to earn at least an additional $50,000 revenue per year


Be part of the personalised education movement

Join our educator community of like-minded Edupreneurs

Connect with companies making an impact in education

Access opportunities to train and lead at higher levels.

Dear Educator,

You know the world needs a better educational system, but the current options don’t necessarily suffice. Maybe teaching children how to thrive in this world is important to you, so creating a business that revolves around the use of modern technology will prepare them for the future.

The reality is that 2020 gave us unprecedented challenges because of the lockdowns, stopping most young people from attending their school. Educational institutions were also unprepared to grapple with the technological opportunities of providing guidance and learning through screens, as well as video and messaging platforms. In other words, last year was not ideal for education.

Now, imagine a system that embraced technology, providing teenagers with a personalised path to learn in a more comfortable and unique way. Sounds like an incredible way for kids to learn, doesn’t it? In fact, we have a way to do just that. You can be part of this incredible opportunity, thanks to our newly relaunched and upgraded Genius Educator Certification.

Would you like to join us in learning how to build your own education-based business?

The Genius Educator Certification program shows you how you can personalise educational experiences, as well as monetise your impact on future generations of young changemakers. In this program, you’ll be a part of a modern, didactic movement to help change the way children learn, and to prepare them for a fast-changing, digital future. Join us for an educational revolution!

Spaces are limited. Apply now to secure your place

What is included in the
Genius Educator Certification Program


Flow consultant microdegree

Receive scholarship access to the Flow Consultant microdegree so you can learn in-depth about the Talent Dynamics profile tests and how to help parents and teens get into and stay in Flow.


Youth consultant microdegree

Receive scholarship access to this microdegree to develop an understanding of the Genius School vision, philosophy, and foundational information about the Genius Educator Certification program.


Ten days of expert guidance

During the virtual training, you will hear from Genius School leaders and experts in the field of youth. You will learn about the Genius School philosophy, its personalised learning approach to education, how to facilitate student-centred learning experiences in face-to-face and virtual environments, and frameworks of learning. There will also be live, interactive sessions with Genius Educator leaders.


12-month licence

A 12-month certification badge displayed on the GeniusU Education Platform.


25 Talent Dynamics for Young People/ Talent Dynamics Profile tokens

25 Talent Dynamics for Young People Profile Tokens & 25 Talent Dynamics Profile Tokens which you can use to profile young people and their families once you are certified.


Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind - Valued at $970

A one-year membership to GEM which is a monthly mastermind run by Roger Hamilton, to learn from some of the top entrepreneurs in our network. You get access to monthly “Ask me anything” sessions with our top mentors, where you can share highlights, ask direct questions related to your business. You also have access to the full back catalogue of recordings.

The 4 week Entrepreneur Summer School catalogue of modules - Valued at $1,995

The Entrepreneur Summer School is a four week online Microschool that gives you the tools, training, strategy and expertise needed to prosper doing with in any economic situation. We take you through the eight critical drivers of success in a digital business, work with you to formulate a transformational plan, and bring it to life during the four week course.

Genius Educator Certification Program

Enrol now: $2,500

Normal Rate: $4,500
Save $2,000

Who should join?

The Genius Educator Certification is for you if:

You are a homeschooling parent who needs support and guidance on how to provide the best education for your child but don't feel that the current homeschooling system is helping to provide this.


You are an educator who needs to expand your remote learning programs, but you just don’t have the time to do this whilst you are juggling the combination of in-school and hybrid learning programs.


You are an edupreneur who has a business in youth coaching or a similar industry, and you are looking for programs that will support young people in developing positive mental health and wellbeing, and personalised learning experiences.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

Your Certification Mentors

Creator of Genius Educator Certification

Angie is the Founder of the Genius School and creator of the Genius Educator Certification. After purchasing her first Early Childhood center in New Zealand in 2011, she became owner/director of 3 more childcare centers in Wellington and Manawatu regions and a national home based business Education Angels.

The Philosophy of Angie’s educational centers, as well as Genius School programs, is geared towards providing a nurturing environment for children, nurturing their individuality and teaching about emotional intelligence / self-awareness through a personalised curriculum where they learn respect for themselves, each other and the environment.

Teen Dynamics leader/mentor

Karen Bonanno is an Australian-based educator and national provider of professional learning for teachers. She also owns an education consulting business focusing on helping tweens, teens and young adults find their true potential. As a Global Genius Educator with Genius School, she is involved in leading and delivering the Genius School Curriculum.

Certified Genius Educator

Sandi is the Founder & CEO of Educator Dynamics and the Founder & Executive Director of Genius School US. She discovered her passion for developing strong workplace cultures and igniting the genius in educators and students while working as COO for Delivering Happiness, established by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

Certified Genius Educator

Leonie McIlvenny is an Australian based educator who teaches from primary to tertiary level. She specialises in inquiry learning, study skills and digital literacy and has developed a number of web resources to support students, teachers and parents. She is a Genius Certified Educator with Genius School.

Education Psychologist

Dr. Stacie M. Herrera is a US-based child and educational psychologist, who speaks internationally about understanding and supporting diverse learners. She owns businesses focusing on increasing mental health support and psychoeducational evaluations for youth. As a Global Genius Educator with Genius School, she is actively involved in leading and advising the success of the Genius School Programs and child-centered curriculum.

Genius School is launching globally with a curriculum from Pre-K to High School in September 2021. We are limiting classes globally to just 100 per grade in year one. Students can learn via home school, virtual classes or local microschools.

All students will have a personalised Genius School learning pathway, based on their passion and purpose, as well as their leadership and entrepreneur skills. Each will also have the choice of graduating from the UK or US high school system recognised by the world’s leading universities.

After graduation, they can choose to join one of our partner universities, apprentice with one of our partner companies or launch their own company and receive startup funding from the school. Annual fees range from $3,000 for Pre-K to $6,000 for Grade 12.

Education is preparing children for jobs that don’t actually even exist. With over 165 million globally out of work today, the system is broken. Children deserve better. Genius School delivers a personalised path of learning from child to adult, so they can be an entrepreneur, artist, changemaker, global citizen, or anything else. Each student will be connected to one global school where we are learning and growing together.

Genius Group is the world’s leading entrepreneur education group. We deliver a full entrepreneur education system which has already proven to be in high demand, with over 1.5 million students across 20,345 cities already using the curriculum in camps, events, accelerators, schools and companies.

Our curriculum is being used by leading companies and schools around the world. The faculty includes leading entrepreneurs and over 1,500 certified trainers. The campuses range from schools to colleges, resorts and co-working offices. The calendar includes over 500 local and online events, and Microdegrees on our EdTech platform, GeniusU.

What people are saying

“The GEC program helped me prepare to work with kids in microcamps, YEA and my own coaching programs. The instructors were very experienced in education and offered concepts and teaching tools to support different student TDYP profiles. I especially loved meeting and staying connected with all the educators and planning events together.”

- Sylvia Tam | United States

Apply here to join The Genius Educator Certification Program

Thank you for applying to be one of the first 200 to join our Educator 5.0. Please book a call with one of the Genius Igniters here to see if this is the right programme for you.


+ What is the timing of the program?

3 x 1 hour (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
2 x 3 hours (Tuesday and Thursday)

Time Zone 1:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (1 hour) – 11 am NZT | 8 am AEST | 9 am AEDT | 3 pm Pacific Time
Tuesday and Thursday (3 hours) – 11 am – 2 pm NZT | 8 am – 11 am AEST | 9 am – 12 noon AEDT | 3 pm – 6 pm

Pacific TimeTime Zone 2:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (1 hour) – 7 pm NZT | 4 pm AEST | 5 pm AEDT | 6 am UK
Tuesday and Thursday (3 hours) - 7 pm – 10 pm NZT | 4 pm – 7 pm AEST | 5 pm – 8 pm AEDT | 6 am – 9 am UK

+ What if I can’t attend a session?

They are all recorded and will be posted in the Library section of the Genius Educator Circle in GeniusU.

+ When will my one year licence start?

It starts the month after you complete your 10 Genius Educator Training.