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This last year has been a challenging time for young people as they adapt to the ‘new normal’ of life.

Many kids have experienced the constant change from in-school to remote learning and back again. Their routines and social interactions have been disrupted constantly. They just haven’t had the time to really find their best learning options and may have lost their confidence in themselves as successful learners. They have missed their classmates. In fact, this is one thing they have really wanted so badly during this crazy time. For some, this last year has meant they haven’t really had the chance to reach their full potential.

Now is a great time to find out how to support young people so this next year can be an amazing and successful experience for them.

Join the live and interactive Ignite the Genius in the Younger Generation masterclass to discover tips and strategies to help children discover what they are naturally good at, and how they can boost their confidence by knowing how to use their strengths, skills and capabilities to make a difference for themselves and others.

Get connected to the Genius Schools curriculum delivered at our campuses and virtually.

About your speakers

Angie Stead

Angie is the founder of Education Angels, co-founder of Genius School and creator of the Genius Educator Certification. She owns and operates multiple Early Childcare and Education centres in New Zealand and is the curriculum leader of
Genius School.

Angie believes that promoting personalized learning experiences in a nurturing learning environment is the key to igniting the genius in young people and decentralizing and diversifying education creates learning and earning opportunities for all, which is why we are growing our global community of educators to nurture the genius in our fast growing community of students – this is the Genius Generation.

Karen Bonanno

Karen is an Australian based educator and national provider of professional learning for teachers. She also owns an education consulting business focused on helping tweens, teens and young adults find their true potential.

Karen specialises in inquiry learning, design thinking and digital literacy with a strong future-focused approach to meeting the learning needs of each generation. As a Global Genius Educator with Genius School, she is involved in leading and delivering the Genius School Curriculum.

Reasons to join the Genius School Masterclass

You want young people to understand their natural strengths, personal value and self-worth.

You want to understand how you can best support them to experience personal success and achievement.

You want to develop life skills that they can use in any situation to boost their confidence, self-esteem and uniqueness for lifelong success.

You want to get connected with other like-minded educators and parents who really want to achieve great things for the next generation.

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What you will learn in this 90 minute free masterclass

This session will give you tips and strategies that you can use immediately to nurture a young person’s natural genius.

During the 90 minutes you will learn the following:
  1. The importance for young people to understand their natural talents and capabilities in these challenging times.

  2. The success they will experience when playing to their strengths and leveraging their weaknesses.

  3. Strategies for how to discover their natural genius:

      Show Up - learn about a path of least resistance to success.

      Step Up - own their genius and value other geniuses.

      Give Back - work together to contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

  4. The Genius School solution.



Thursday, 30th March 2023



This masterclass will take place online, which
means you can watch from the comfort of your home.

This masterclass is for you if you are
interested in supporting young people who are:

  1. Struggling at school because they are unsure of how to make learning easier and more engaging.

  2. Have lost their confidence and become disengaged in school and family activities.

  3. Aren’t reaching their full potential at school or college and want to explore their creativity.

  4. Are looking for peers they can hang out with virtually to be part of a tribe focused on doing amazing things.

Now is the time for young people to be given the opportunity to step up and amplify their success. Be part of this educational change and join us for the live and interactive masterclass.


100% FREE virtual event

What people are saying about the Genius School programs.

  • “I was really wondering what this was going to be about. But after Tianna had her debrief session with Karen, she was a different person. She was bubbly and excited about what she found out and really keen to share everything with me. She seems to be more focused on what she wanted to do after school is finished. As a parent, that is a big relief.”

    - Cher, Mother of Tianna, 17-year-old, Australia.

  • “I was skeptical about sending my 12 yr old daughter who has high anxiety online with strangers as she is No GENIUS!! The change in her confidence over the 3 days was amazing, discovering her own Genius, strengths, passions, purpose and her determination towards the UN Goals was unbelievable. I cannot thank all the wonderful Genius educators enough for the amazing program and her growth!”

    Jodie, Mother of Morgan, 12-year-old, Australia.

  • “I just wanted to say how much I’ve learned from the past couple of weeks. I’ve grown my company, Kidfinity, so much, and much of the credit goes to GeniusU and all the great mentors and facilitators. Now going back to school, I feel like the company growth could be jeopardized due to having to lose 8-10 hours a day on schoolwork. I just wanted to extend my thanks for the great Young Entrepreneur Academy program.”

    - Ben, 14-year-old, USA

  • Nurturing children to think with an entrepreneurial mindset is the best thing we can do for their present and future. Young Entrepreneur Academy cultivates their individual talents with positive energy and promotes hope and possibilities they would not know on their own or learn from school. They discover how much impact they can make to this world 1% at a time and make better decisions like what to do when at home. YEA is a life-time learning platform with so many experienced and kind-hearted edupreneur to feel safe for my kids to interact with. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d want my children to be to receive this transformation.”

    - Sylvia, Mother of Ben and Vanessa, 14-year-old and 15-year-old.


Genius School offers child-centered, personalised learning pathways igniting the genius in children, creating self-aware lifelong learners who are empowered, future leaders.

Founded by Roger James Hamilton, social entrepreneur and futurist, and Angie Stead, an edupreneur leading location independent educational solutions.

Genius School has a global team of edupreneurs delivering programs in their schools and communities, including micro camps, micro courses, programs for schools, retreat camps, microschools for young people.

The traditional education experience is often disengaging, irrelevant and redundant with a one size fits all model. Genius School is a model that is personalised and individualised, bringing out the unique genius in every child.


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