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Be one of the 1st 20 Young Entrepreneur Mentors:
Grow a 21st century Team, build your business and become a founding member of the Education Revolution

Young Entrepreneur Mentorship Program (YEMP) is a 12 month mentoring programme to Build Your Business, whilst Empowering a Young Person to Become a successful Entrepreneur & Make a Positive Impact in the World.

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This opportunity closes 15 September,
so join us today!

Dear fellow Mentor

Imagine an education system today, that provided you, as a future employer with the best equipped, most up to date, future-facing entrepreneurial employees you could wish for. Straight out of “education” but with real business skill and experience. Young people who already have a proven track record CV, for making a tangible difference in a business and in the world.

Imagine if you were part of creating that education revolution, just by sharing your expertise, your vision and experience?

Well now you can!

Genius School has created the Young Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, and I now invite you, to be part of an extraordinary group of Entrepreneurs, who will join us as Young Entrepreneur Mentors around the world.

As one of our first 20 Young Entrepreneur Mentors, you will get the benefit of a full suite of tools, support and programs, to help you mentor a bright young Mentee, into your expanding team and business, over the next 12 months. This young Mentee will in turn be focused at adding real value to your business, utilising their new skills and knowledge, bringing a fresh new perspective and energy to your vision. Helping us grow the Education Revolution around the world!

Global business is in the middle of the biggest shift that has ever occurred. The opportunity of being entrepreneurial has turned from a ‘maybe’ into a ‘must’. It has been estimated that 50% of all current jobs will not even exist in 20 years.

Many employees and solopreneurs will be displaced or fall behind while those that embrace, study and master entrepreneurship will thrive and be the leaders of the future.

You will find the full details of what you receive as a YEMP Mentor below. You can pick the courses that you want to have your Mentee complete, based on your business needs and goals.

I believe entrepreneurs have the power to have a massively positive impact on the world, particularly within Education system. This is the power of the Entrepreneur Movement. The biggest need we have is to attract the right Sponsors - Leaders like you - and the greatest value we can provide you in return is the resources, training and connections on GeniusU to help you and your Mentee succeed in your business.

Join us today as a Young Entrepreneur Mentor today and be at the forefront of the Education Revolution!


All 20 Mentor positions will be taken quickly. Apply now to avoid disappointment and be part of this exclusive and pioneering group.

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Mentors and Mentees will both be utilising our proven, personalized learning curriculum and AI driven platform on GeniusU. Currently used by over 650,000 entrepreneurs in 200+ countries around the world.



Our 20 Young Mentees will be selected based on the following Criteria.
Each Mentee will be:

16-24 years old

Committed to the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Motivated to start
learning, and ready for
their practical
entrepreneur experience

Each Mentee will be sponsored through a number of microdegrees, created by our team of experts and hosted on GeniusU. As their Mentor, you get to decide with your Mentee which are the most appropriate microdegrees for your business, which they can complete over 12 months.



Profile, Passion & Purpose

LinkedIn & Facebook Marketing Plan

Upwork, Podcast, Shopify, Amazon, Microschool Design and build.


Remote Sales Plan & Remote Work Plan

Influencer, Community Design & Build

Speaker & Partnership Sales Plan


Cash Flow Design & Build

Flight Deck, Pitch Deck Design & Build


Build a promotion plan to create a value cycle that delivers profitable, sustainable flow

Project Map - Setting up 3 month objectives


Team Charter & Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Rhythm

Future Vision


Design your Customer Pathway

Getting your first customer

360 PSR - Team Review


Systems and Resources


Data Mining



Creating an evergreen promotion

Money - Reset your numbers


Engagement Strategy

Building a Team

Team Leadership Plan


Setting a Rhythm

Impact Dynamics

Investment Plan

Public Relation Plan


Project Debrief

Data Review

LinkedIn Profile


Feedback Loop

360 PSR - Team Review


Our 20 Mentors will be selected based on the following Criteria.
Each Mentor will be:

Already part of the Entrepreneur Movement, at Green/Blue level with an established team/business


Committed to the delivery of the UN Global Goals within their business.


Ready to dedicate specific time and attention to mentoring and coaching their young Mentee.


Able to share their successes with other Mentors and provide feedback to the YEMP team.


The Investment for a Genius Young Entrepreneur Mentee is just $1,000 per month for 12 months 50% of this is paid directly to the Mentee by us.


A modular Mentee programme
A 12 month programme of specially selected microdegrees, created by experts in our community for your apprentice to grow their 21st century skills

Your Young Entrepreneur Mentee
A personally matched Mentee, based on your business opportunities, growth trajectory and requirements, for the next 12 months.

An entry to the 4 week
Entrepreneur Summer School (valued at $3,000 USD)

You will receive access to the 4 week Entrepreneur Summer School

These are available to you,
our Mentor when you join the program


  • Design and build: Upwork, Podcast, Shopify, Amazon, Microschool

  • LinkedIn & Facebook Marketing Plan

  • Pitch Deck Design & Build


  • Partnership Sales Plan

  • Speaker Sales Plan

  • Remote Sales Plan

  • Project Map - Setting up 3 month objectives

  • Creating an Evergreen Promotion

Performance Management

  • Managing Teens

  • Team Leadership Plan

  • Remote Work Plan

  • Rhythm - Review

  • Personal Compass

Systems & Finance

  • Flight Deck Design & Build

  • Cash Flow Design & Build

  • Crisis Investing Plan


  • Profile, Passion & Purpose

  • Future Vision

  • Money - Reset your numbers

  • Millionaire Masterplan Test

Service & Community

  • Influencer Design & Build Community

  • Design & Build

  • Design your Customer Pathway

As a Young Entrepreneur Mentorship Program Mentor, you will also receive full access to the GeniusU Mentor level membership, for the 12 months of the Mentorship Program.

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Accelerate your business path and growth by receiving the
following benefits of the Entrepreneur Mentor Certification

Entrepreneur Trainings
Get specialized education focused on starting and growing a business

Entrepreneur Talks
Join leading edge Entrepreneurs every month on Live Q&A calls

Entrepreneur Assessments
Access a suite of powerful tools to evaluate and Train Your Team

Join a Powerful Network
Connect with global Entrepreneurs through our online mastermind

Become a Mentor
Learn how to mentor others including clients and team members

Find a Mentor
Connect with others at your levels and above to accelerate your growth

Publish Your Programs
Use our course builder you will be able to list your courses on GeniusU

Get VIP Access
Interact with others in the network and join us at online and live events.

Connect to Causes
Linking to the 17 United Nations Goals to solve the world’s biggest problems.


A One Year Membership to the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind (GEM) (Value $970)
You'll be a part of an online Mastermind group that has over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs from over 80 countries. This is a powerful group of entrepreneurs from around the world who are BOTH building personal wealth and connecting to causes that contribute to the world.


Quarterly Mentoring with Genius School team

Microdegree learning pathway of 12 months for your Mentee


GeniusU Microschool Builder Create and Sell Your Own Courses on the GeniusU Digital Platform
Leverage the GeniusU platform to grow your business on the fastest growing entrepreneur education platform on the internet. Get in on the ground level to put your program on the#1 Entrepreneur Education Platform in the World!


PLUS for the first 20 Sponsors only!

An additional $3,500 of value just for being amongst the first
20 Mentors of the Young Entrepreneur Mentoring Program

A Flow Consultant Scholarship (value $3,000)
Receive access to the Flow Consultant on a scholarship, so that you can learn in depth about the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profile tests and how to help team members get into and stay in Flow


5 Talent Dynamics Profile tokens for the team and a 90 minute Team Debrief (value $500)
You can use these tokens to profile your team in preparation for your new Mentee commencing



Genius School offers child centred, personalised learning pathways igniting the genius in children, creating self aware lifelong learners who are our empowered future leaders.

Founded by Roger James Hamilton, social entrepreneur and futurist and Angie Stead, an edupreneur leading location independent educational solutions.

Genius School has a global team of Edupreneurs delivering programs to their local schools and communities. Including, micro-camps, microcourses, programs for schools, retreat camps and microschools for young people.

The traditional education experience is often disengaging, irrelevant and redundant in a one size fits all model. Genius School is a model that is personalised and individualised, to bring out the unique genius in every child.


  1. Once you have applied, the Genius School team will be in touch, to have a conversation/informal interview to check that this is the right opportunity for you and to make sure we match the best Mentee to your needs.

  2. Upon a successful application, you will be invited into the private Mentor circle on GeniusU, where you can connect with other Mentors and share key strategies for success over the next 12 months.

  3. You will receive all of your bonuses, including the Flow Consultant access, 5 Talent Dynamics Profile Tokens and access to the 4 week Entrepreneur Summer School.

  4. A Mentee will be personally matched to your requirements and you will have the chance to meet and interview them, alongside our Genius School team.

  5. Upon successful matching, the Mentee will commence their 12 month programme with you on 1st September 2020.

Young Entrepreneur Mentor Application

Thank you for applying to be one of the first 20 to be Young Entrepreneur Mentors. Please book a call with one of the Genius Igniters to complete your application.


+ How qualified are the mentees?

All mentees go through a qualification process with Genius School, after which we will evaluate their skills and experience. The complete pool of mentees will include young entrepreneurs with a variety of skills, including marketing and sales.

+ How is my mentee assigned?

After our qualification process, we assign the mentees which are the best fit to the mentors, and their business. Mentors are also able to choose them, based on availability. The ratio of mentees to mentors is always relatively high.

+ How much do the mentees get paid, how much is their allowance?

They get paid $500 USD for every completed month of successful work with you, their mentor.

+ What if the mentee does not perform to the standard needed in my organisation?

We will help you to set up clear expectations and a regular rhythm of review for your mentee, so there is a clear agreement at the start. We will also check in with you each quarter on your mentorship progress. You can make us aware at any time of any performance challenges and we will help you to work through them in the most effective way. In the unlikely instance that the mentee is not working out, we will then help facilitate the replacement process.

+ How do I access the mentor tools included?

These will all be forwarded to you by the team at Genius School, as part of your Young Entrepreneur Mentorship.

+ Are there any conditions during the replacement process?

Yes, there is a one month trial period. If the mentee is not a good fit we will assign a replacement. A two week notice will be required, to allow the team to undergo the necessary adjustments and preparations.

+ What happens to my mentee after the 12 months are completed?

This is up to you and your mentee, based on the results you both see. You can offer them a permanent role in your company directly. You may choose to continue to support their career as they set up their own business.

+ If my mentee exceeds expectations, can I offer them a job?

Absolutely. We would prefer they can still complete their mentee training but if you are super keen to make a permanent offer before this date, please talk to the Genius School team to make this happen.